Staff Protection

KAM Systems have been providing a complete and diverse range of Staff Protection Systems, also known as Staff Attack Systems, for over 20 years. 

We can provide a range of solutions to meet your requirements including upgrades to your existing systems.

We also provide customised vandal & anti ligature housings.

Some of the many areas KAMs staff protection paging solution have been used are:

  • Care Homes

  • Mental Health

    • Low secure

    • Medium secure

    • Care in the community

    • Learning disability 


  • Hospitals


  • Veterinary Clinics / Hospitals

Kam Secure

Kam Secure is an onsite two-way wireless staff protection system that raises an alarm from the touch of a button, fall or lack of response from the user. With location details provided with the alarm, assistance is directed straight to the user.


Kam Secure uses a self-healing mesh network that is battery operated providing up to 2 years of staff protection without the need for wiring. This makes Kam Care a sensible choice for retrofit installations in busy environments where cabling could be inappropriate.

With its ability to repair any broken communications links and report any network errors to the maintenance team Kam Secure ensures complete reliability for those that rely on receiving rapid responses.


Suitable for professionals working in challenging environments or in isolation, such as laboratories, schools, factories, power stations, retail stores, hospitals or care-homes.


Kam Secure provides the level of support needed to allow staff to concentrate on their job in the knowledge that assistance, should they need it, is only seconds away.


IP67 rated mobile devices allow users to clean devices with sprays or disinfectant ensuring workplace hygiene is maintained each day.


Teams can be set up so that alarms are sent only to those who can assist quickly, leaving others to continue their daily work uninterrupted.

We can tailor a solution to fit your exact requirements, please contact us for a quote. 

Patient Safety

A wireless vandal proof call point has been developed by KAM to meet the specific needs of the mental health sector. The key features include;

  • Anti ligature vandal proof design

  • Stainless steel button with built in LED generates standard ‘Call’

  • Carers carry a magnetic key swipe which can generate an Emergency Call, can Cancel a Call or send a Silent Visit directly to a Call Logger.

  • Each Call Point can be easily isolated using the Magnetic Key to prevent continuous nuisance calls

  • Unique messages can be programmed for each Call Point as well as the priority level

  • Messages can be sent directly to displays and pagers

The Call Points are available in either in black or white. For more information please get in touch.

Add wireless overdoor lights to each room allowing the Carer to quickly evaluate a room with a glance. 

  • Flashing Red light indicates emergency


  • Flashing Green indicates a call

  • Solid green indicates a nurse present 


  • White indicates an isolated Call point