Asset Tracking

Having a good asset tracking system improves efficiency and can lower operating costs.  We can provide solutions to not only just track keys, but any physical asset.  The solutions provide a full audit of the asset from identification, location, movement and ownership.  These result in less damage, reduced downtime and fewer losses.  Contact us to find out more about the solutions available.

Our simple but effective drug cupboard key solution avoids unnecessary delays for those patients receiving medication or treatment. The Key Finder takes seconds to locate the keys, allowing nurses or staff to reinvest their time preparing medicines or attending to patients, improving patient safety by reducing the risk of drug errors and ultimately improving patient experience.

The Key Finder Fob is attached to the drug keys and when activated by a nurse who needs the keys, the Key Finder Fob vibrates and alarms, alerting the nurse with the keys that they are needed. The Key Finder also has the option of a night-time mode to reduce noise at night.

Nurse Call Integration

Link the Key Finder to your nurse call system. 

Allowing for key finder messages to display on nurse call displays and pagers with the added ability to log all of key finder alarms to a Nurse call alarm logger.

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