Resident Wander

For long-term care and senior living communities, the health and safety of residents is paramount. Unfortunately, many residents in these communities suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia or other conditions that leave them susceptible to wander out of a secure area.

A wander management system is an excellent way to reduce liability, improve quality of care, and increase overall security and safety of residents. 


Integration with your community’s existing systems is essential for an effective wander management system. Most vendors will offer some integrations, but examine closely to see if the solution has all the integration options you need. Consider your:


  •  Nurse call system

  •  Electronic access control (EAC)

  •  CCTV/camera system

  •  Pagers, beepers or any other mobile devices carried

     by caregivers


As you evaluate options, opt for a solution that has custom con guration options, so you can ensure it meets your needs today and in the future. Installing a new system at your facility should simplify your process, not add complexity. 

How it works

Resident Wander