Paging systems have consistently proved to be the quickest way to relay critical messages to staff. More importantly these are delivered discretely without obtrusive call system sounders distracting both the residents and staff alike.

We have a whole range of solutions to fit a large range of applications, healthcare, retail, industrial, to intrinsically safe sites.


By integrating with on site building systems we provide a valuable link to receiving critical messages quickly. Some of the systems we have linked to include:-

  • Fire Alarm

  • Nursecall

  • Staff Attack

  • Building Management

  • Machine Alarms


  • Telephone Systems

  • Catering Solutions

Silent Home

It is well known that care staff and residents in care homes can suffer from alarm fatigue, caused by alarm sounds from monitoring devices and nurse call systems.

Implementing a near silent policy and keeping your working environment quiet makes a big difference. With the addition of a paging system unnecessary noise is kept to a minimum.


One of the most distinct contributor to high levels of stress and upset, is noise. Creating an environment that is free of repetitive, high volume noise is essential if you are striving to create a calm and happy environment.

Log on

Keep Track of your pagers with our custom log on unit which can be added to any paging system. Staff enter their individual pin code when taking or giving back a pager to log on or log off.

All information is logged on board and can be viewed at any time on any electronic device with a passcode.

Standard Paging

The i2 Pager forms an integral part of any Nurse Call system.

The standard Paging system can be added to any nurse call system.


Using the same secure digital wireless technology, it provides instant alerts for activated Call Points and Door Monitors.


Each alert is clearly identified as a text message providing the location of the alarm. The pager screen will illuminate in conjunction with the alarm level with a red back light illuminating when receiving emergency messages.


Depending on the type of alarm, the Pager will provide a unique audible and vibrate alert. This makes it easy to distinguish between an Emergency alarm and a standard 'Call'.

Keep Track of your pagers with a log on terminal. Staff will swipe their pager and enter their individual pin code when taking or giving back a pager. All information is logged onboard and can be accessed at any time by a member of the management team.

Location Paging

KamTek is an onsite two-way wireless staff paging system that raises an alarm from the touch of a button, fall or lack of response from the user.  Location details are provided with the alarm to other staff enabling assistance to be directed straight to the user.

KamTek provides the level of support needed to allow staff to concentrate on their job in the knowledge that help, should they need it, is only seconds away.


IP67 rated mobile devices allow users to clean devices with sprays or disinfectant ensuring workplace hygiene is maintained each day.

Add wireless location track pendants to KamTek giving you peace of mind that your residents can be located at any point with a glance at the software or just a push button call away from help.

Complete Solution

With the addition of Log on terminals and logging software you are able to record and keep track of your daily routines and alarms such as care givers daily activities and visits to residents.