Emergency Pool Alarm

The wireless emergency pool alarm is used where a prominent emergency push button is required e.g. Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Squash Courts etc. Being waterproof this Call Point can be installed outside or in a Sauna.

A clear text display and loud sounder alerts staff of the alarm location.  This can be integrated with Pagers to avoid any delay in responding.

How does it work

Simple to operate by pushing the red button, the Call Point will transmit a pre-programmed message directly to a Pager or Display.  It will then continue to send the message every minute until it is reset using the Magnetic Key supplied.  


This means that an alarm cannot be ignored and has to be reset at the location where it has been activated. 


By employing distributed intelligence there is no need for a Central Control Unit. Quite simply one Call Point and one Pager or one Display is all you need to make a system.


  • Secure Digital Wireless

  • Battery powered with automatic low battery check – 24 month battery life

  • Messages are sent direct to Displays and Pagers


  • Large Easy to Push Emergency Button

  • Reset with Magnetic Key

  • Weatherproof suitable for external use